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P&C Update

The P&C raises important funds throughout the year to be able to provide financial assistance for projects and subsidies. Please consider getting involved with the P&C as many hands make light work. We currently have the position of President still vacant so if anyone is interested or knows of a candidate to fill this position, please do not hesitate to contact the P&C.

Kim Schellnegger is in the position of Lunch Coordinator currently but after accepting a full time job can no longer commit to this position. If you think you may be able to take on this role please do not hesitate to step up. There is a selection of parents that are able to help on lunch days when available.

There will be no more scheduled P&C Lunch Days until the Lunch Co-Ordinator position has been filled so if you are able to assist in any way please contact the P&C as soon as possible.

For any further information on the available positions please do not hesitate to contact the P&C.

Food Festival

This year's food festival will be held on November 17th. At this stage we are looking for sponsorship or donations. We have options for cash sponsorship or goods donation for our major raffle. We are searching for a substantial first prize, if you have any contacts or ideas please contact Trudy as soon as possible.
Each year we ask that families provide a few lucky jars for the food festival for sale at the festival. These are clean jars with an assortment of non-perishable goodies inside eg wrapped lollies, pencils, toys, etc. You are more than welcome to decorate the jars as you see fit. Could families please begin to think about starting their jar contribution and you are more than welcome to drop them off at the school as soon as convenient.

Food Stalls

We need to start thinking about the food stalls that we will have available at the festival.
If you would like to be involved in a food stall or have any feedback on previous stalls. Please contact the P&C as soon as possible. We will be sending our volunteer letter to households in the coming weeks so please if you have any comments, submit them as soon as possible.

Previous years we had the following stalls:

  • Aboriginal – Kangaroo Stew & Jonny Cakes 
  • American – Hotdogs
  • Asian – Rice Paper Rolls 
  • Tongan –
  • English – Baked Potatoes 
  • Greek – Souvlaki
  • Indian – Butter Chicken 
  • Italian – Spaghetti & Lasagne
  • Mexican – Nachos Canadian – Pulled Pork Sliders

Murray Darling and Barrier Athletics Carnivals

This year our P&C has been asked to cater for the Murray Darling and Barrier Athletics Carnivals to be held on August 31st and September 7th. Could families please assist by sending in baked goods to sell on each of these days. If purchasing items some ideas to look out for are donuts, cupcakes, slices, etc. We have found that it is easier if items are individually wrapped so if you could take the time to do so it would be greatly appreciated.


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